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Перевод слова

Перевод: allow speek allow

позволять; разрешать; допускать; предоставлять; давать; давать разрешение; делать возможным; делать поправку; делать скидку; заявлять; утверждать; признавать; принимать во внимание; учитывать; регулярно выплачивать


  1. It will also help you if you are rejected as you will be too busy planning for the next project to allow yourself to come to a full stop.
  2. Parents allow children to be involved in prostitution because they bring in money.
  3. In December 1987 Mafart was allowed to return to France in defiance of the agreement because it was alleged he was ill, although the French government refused to allow a New Zealand doctor to examine him.
  4. for some parents, perhaps the over-committed ones, the hope of early grandparenthood may allow the parental knot to be slackened, if not untied.
  5. Mr Patten promises that the Government will "allow (sic) the public to take local authorities to court if they fall down on the job of keeping the streets clean.
  6. Remember, the law does not allow you to carry anything which can be described as an "offensive weapon" such as a sharpened comb or a knife.
  7. I usually allow about eight mouthfuls per person for catering.
  8. Quaint Irish rules allow for a second bite of the 50,000 cherry, but there were no squawks from Melody's English owners.
  9. There aren't too many big, strong, mobile strikers with the skill to hold the ball and allow the midfield to feed off him.
  10. Atari makes it more difficult by writing into the operating system (the instructions that govern how the computer handles data) an instruction that does not allow the computer to talk to disc drive and cartridge at the same time.
  11. You deal a card, study it, meditate on it, let your mind go blank and allow a picture to come into your mind."
  12. The ease of use and flexibility of GIS allow the user to perform operations on map data that were previously impossible on a large scale.
  13. However where repetition is needed the LM will allow more control particularly in longstanding or deeper states.

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