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Перевод слова

Перевод: canvas speek canvas

холст ; парусина ; брезент ; паруса ; парус ; суда ; полотно; картина ; канва


  1. Who, in passing, it might be noted, wore not boots nor shoes but canvas sneakers.
  2. Milan became the first city in which all the houses had glass in their windows rather than draped waxed canvas, a material that was virtually opaque and frequently filthy.
  3. In and out goes the needle, the body, head and foot follow the direction of the hand as it pulls the thread through the canvas.
  4. The annual BW accounts, published last month, reveal that Gorgeous George voted himself a 17 per cent pay rise last year just as his company was plunging to the canvas with debts of 350 million.
  5. A surface like a quilt, interwoven with patches of dark and light - blood cells, veins, muscles etc. - but with the whole canvas painted with a flesh-coloured brush.
  6. Painting on wall or canvas as magic, painting on glass as work in the world.
  7. Early in the morning, dressed in his best clothes - his blue cotton tunic and trousers and his Chinese canvas shoes - he left to go to Chaura to consult one of the Chaura village gods.
  8. The canvas now on view
  9. Alexia was tormented, and poured her feelings out on canvas, producing some of her best work.
  10. The reader of a description needs therefore to be careful about accepting as a description anything more than is actually visible on the canvas or in the sculpture.
  11. Yet while empty part of wall or canvas feels sloppy, unfinished, this is not the case with the glass.
  12. They flew just above the surface of the water and their wings made a loud wubbering noise like canvas flapping in the wind.
  13. He wrote enthusiastically about the later work of Arshile Gorky: "Gorky's atmosphere, veiling the hard opaque wall of the canvas, evokes a nocturnal void or the vague, unstable image-space of the day-dreaming mind."

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