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Перевод слова

Перевод: glide speek glide

скольжение; плавное движение; планирование; планирующий спуск; промежуточный звук; хроматическая гамма;
скользить; плавно двигаться; проходить незаметно; двигаться бесшумно; красться; незаметно переходить; планировать


  1. The first man out of the starting gate today will swing and glide over a carpet of man-made snow 80 centimetres deep.
  2. Only when they dropped or rattled something, the startled way they would look towards Moran, did the nervous tension of what it took to glide about so silently show.
  3. Articles on exhibitions sometimes glide away into topics which have little to do with the art on display.
  4. The only other thing you have to be wary of when playing bream is their ability, whether intentional or otherwise, to glide in an arc on the end of your line rather like a kite in a strong wind.
  5. Tests show that on most high performance machines, a spread of splattered flies on the leading edges can account for up to a quarter of the glider's performance, reducing a glide ratio of 40:1 to less than 35:1 and making a mockery of glide calculations.
  6. Stalling can also be due to trying to stretch the glide instead of closing the airbrakes, or stretching the glide after getting into a desperate undershoot position.
  7. Always ensure that the initial climbing angles on a winch or car launch will allow time for a safe recovery into the glide if the cable breaks.
  8. I got a room in the inn, and despite the windiness of the house and the army of earwigs that people it, I was very snug: a friend who has been there in winter gives amusing particulars regarding the draughts that are vocal as well as felt in this palace of the winds; he found it necessary to nail up his bed-room windows with many plies of blanket, and thus to allow day and night to glide unnoted past, for all was dark - yet were not the breathings of the winds hushed!
  9. Having mated, grey clouds of females glide to the water, lay their eggs, and die.
  10. There is no question of conflict as Florimelia's "soft Hours calmly glide away."
  11. When students are learning to glide, the instructor is not only teaching them the technique of flying a glider, but also how to make decisions and judgements in the air.
  12. We are swimmers in slow motion, we glide together through clear and wordless waves, strokes of pure genius.
  13. More sink puts him well below the intended glide path, but instead of making the decision to choose a field and look around near it for more lift, he glides on.

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