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Перевод слова

Перевод: intermediate speek intermediate

промежуточный; вспомогательный; средний;
промежуточное звено;
посредничать; вмешиваться


  1. According to its radioactive content, it is designated by the industry as either low, intermediate or high level.
  2. He then went on to a pre-foundation course, then the intermediate course at Sutton Art School, followed by two years at Wimbledon Art School.
  3. Intermediate Technology enables poor people in the Third World to develop and use technologies and methods which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the long-term development of their communities.
  4. Hollingsworth took both the Advanced Intermediate award and the trophy for the combined Intermediate and Open Intermediate sections.
  5. It looks for formal arrangements such as size and frequency of union conventions or conferences, selection and voting methods for the union executives and the existence of intermediate union governing bodies, that is, the devices which can facilitate, when full advantage is taken of them, the development of power bases independent of union leaders.
  6. After an intermediate five-book stage, The Prelude was completed in 1805 in thirteen books, including the addition of the first 271 lines at the beginning of Book i.
  7. The average relative abundances for these species ranges from 28.9 to 45.3, with intermediate values for the species of eagle owl.
  8. Instead of coding the class background of respondents as 1, 2 or 3 to denote service, intermediate or working class, for example, the information is effectively presented as two dichotomous variables - whether someone is in the service class or not, and in the intermediate class or not.
  9. In accordance with the rule propounded in the previous section, the proportions attending each school type should be calculated first within the service class, then within the intermediate class, then within the working class.
  10. Disposal of intermediate level nuclear waste on land also presents a hazard.
  11. The intermediate and advanced courses take place at the Auberge.
  12. Headway Intermediate
  13. This clue led to the realisation that, in its lowest energy form, the intermediate has two bonding electrons in different energy levels.

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