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Перевод слова

Перевод: permanent speek permanent

постоянный; неизменный; долговременный; перманентный; длящийся; бессменный; необратимый; остаточный


  1. The incorporation of the gorilla male into a more-or-less permanent party is probably associated with certain benefits in relation to the terrestrial feeding niche.
  2. Many are now in the caring hands of staff at the Battersea Dogs Home in London, but they still have to find a permanent home.
  3. Upland farms usually have at least 50% or even all of the land classified as enclosed, sown, short-term and permanent pastures.
  4. This left the way open for those prominent in the Essex Federation to argue that if such arrangements were acceptable during a temporary absence of tutor-organiser, there was no reason why they should not apply on a more permanent basis if the voluntary members wanted to give their "voluntaryism" full rein.
  5. Thereafter he took heed from being dropped once or twice, and soon established a permanent place in the team.
  6. The households of early medieval kings were simple affairs; the permanent staff was small.
  7. Long leys (often misnamed "permanent leys") are designed for the long-term improvement of grassland.
  8. The more frequently a response is paired with a particular stimulus, the more likely it is to become a permanent relationship or habit.
  9. Many continue the tradition of a market day; others established permanent, covered markets in the last century.
  10. But the practical difficulty of moving towards such a solution, given existing comparatively small school buildings, was conclusive; and the then Permanent Secretary, Maurice Holmes, advised the Minister to divide secondary school children up into relatively small units, each with its own type of curriculum, according to ability.
  11. "Incomers who remain dissatisfied will not remain in Shetland long, and a high turnover amongst incomers could be more disruptive to Shetland than the presence of more permanent residents (SSP: 20)."
  12. For the Western church the removal of the African church meant the removal of a permanent focus of fruitful tension.
  13. he became a second permanent secretary in the Department of the Environment during Edward Heath's administration.

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